India to ban microwave ramen, noodles after probe

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday he will ban all microwave ramens and noodles after the government found traces of a substance that is used to make noodles.

The prime minister’s statement came hours after a team of scientists at the National Institute of Food Research (NIFR) in New Delhi found traces in a batch of noodles that the Indian government had bought from China.

The team was led by former NIFR director-general Ravi Sankar.

They also said they could not find the same type of trace that was found in a sample of microwave rameno noodles imported from India.NIFRs scientists said the trace was from a batch made from wheat bran, a common ingredient in all types of ramen. 

NIFRF found traces that appeared to come from a different batch, though it is not clear what that batch was.

The laboratory’s chief, Pradeep Kumar, said it was possible the new batch was made from different grains and ingredients.

The NIFRs researchers said it appeared that the new batches were made from the same batches of wheat brans imported from China, while other batches of noodles had been made in India, where they had been used to manufacture a number of products including pasta, rice noodles and curries.

“We have taken action against manufacturers of microwave noodles and the people involved in the importation of these products from China,” Modi said in a statement.

“These people are violating the national security and national economic interests.

I call upon the manufacturers of these types of products to stop using such imported products.”

The government is currently working on ways to regulate the import of microwave noodle products from India, but a ban could come into force as early as next month.

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