How to make your own noodles at home

It may seem a bit daunting to make noodles at your own home, but the process of making homemade noodles can be pretty simple.

Here are a few tips to get started.


Pick a fresh batch of noodles from a store.

If you buy the noodle from a noodle bar, you can save money by buying the same batch of noodle at the noodles counter at the same store.

You can even buy the same bag of noodles in bulk at a grocery store.


Make sure the noodles have room to air dry.

The noodles will need to be pre-dried so that the air inside will be evenly distributed.


Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to the mixture.

The amount of oil varies by noodle, so you may want to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil.


Use a little salt and pepper to taste.

The more salt, the more flavorful the noodling.


Add your choice of toppings.

You may want a few toppings like shredded cheese or bacon, or you may only want one or two toppings, like lettuce, tomato, or chili.

To make the most of your noodles, add toppings as you make them.

For example, add a little tomato sauce to your noodles to add flavor and a bit of kick.


Check the noodles after each use.

Make certain that they are properly washed and that there is no residual salt.

If they are still salty after the use, add more salt to your noodle mix.


Do not add water or salt to the mix as soon as the noodles are ready to use.

This will cause the noodles to get soggy.


Take your noodles apart, cut them in half lengthwise, and put the noodles in a large bowl.

Then, add some flour and stir the noodles into the flour.


Put the bowl into the freezer to freeze for at least 10 minutes.

You don’t want to let them get too soft.


When you need to use them, put them into a bowl and remove the noodles from the freezer.

You will need a bowl of cold water to remove the frozen noodles.


When ready to serve, remove the bowl from the frozen noodle and place them in a bowl.

You should have enough noodles to make about 4-6 bowls.

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