How to make your own ‘ziti’ noodles

A new brand of noodles has been launched to take the Asian noodle soup craze to the next level.

Aussie noodle maker Udon noodles have created a brand of their own with a new flavour.

They claim their noodles are “soya-free” and that their products are “no-sugar, no-dairy” and are “not processed”.

“We don’t use MSG and we don’t put any artificial preservatives,” Udon’s founder Mark Buehler said.

“We’re a gluten-free brand.”

Mr Buellahers new company, Ziti Noodles, has launched their noodles in Australia.

“I think we’re just getting started.

We’re going to start here in Australia,” he said.

Udon, the company behind the noodles, says they have created “an entirely new range of noodles with a unique blend of flavours”.

The new Udon Noodle is the same noodles used in the new American-inspired, $60 Super Bowl menu.

“Our noodles are a combination of fresh and dried ingredients, all without the added sugar, sugar, or preservatives that are common in most Asian noodles,” the company said.

The new Super Bowl noodles will be sold at the supermarket chain’s stores in Sydney and Brisbane.

“These are not the same as the traditional noodles we have sold in Australia for many years,” Mr Bueshler said, “but with the new ingredients, they will be much more delicious and nutritious.”

Mr Rupa, who was born in South Australia, said she was surprised to see the new noodles and said they had not been made in Australia before.

“It’s quite an interesting thing to see,” she said.

”It’s a bit like going to an Asian restaurant, and they’ve got the authentic taste of South East Asian food, but with a bit of a twist.

“Ms Rupam said she would also be interested in a range of other Udon products.

”I’d love to try some of their pasta salads.

They’re so good,” she added.

Udo, the new noodle manufacturer is hoping the Super Bowl is a big success.

“They’ve made a really good product, I’d love a chance to try it out,” she told ABC News Breakfast.


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