Crispy noodles from Japan and Korea are now in the RTE top 20

Japan and South Korea are the top three countries in the world for sushi rolls, with sushi-related dishes in Japan now at the top of the global menu.

A joint study from the RTS and Food & Wine magazine found that the Japanese and South Korean sushi roll market share is now greater than in China, France and Germany combined.

RTS sushi roll: Japan, Korea top global sushi market article In its 2017 report on global sushi roll sales, the RTA found that Japan, with over 5 million restaurants, accounted for over 90% of all sushi roll revenue in the US.

In 2018, the US had a total of 3.6 million sushi rolls sold, while Japan accounted for a staggering 89.6% of the market.

Japan’s market share in terms of global sushi rolls is higher than China, Russia and Italy combined.

In addition, the country’s share of global sales is higher in some countries than in others.

Japan has a significant presence in the UK and Europe, while South Korea is an export market, according to the RTO.

The top three sushi markets in the Asia Pacific region are Japan and North Korea.

The Japanese market is the biggest in terms, and it is by far the largest.

Japan, by far, has the largest share of sushi sales worldwide with over a third of the worldwide sushi market, while the second largest is China with 8.1% share.

The market share of North Korea is a smaller 10.4%, and the share of China is around 6%.

The Asian market is largely dominated by the US and Japan, although South Korea and Japan are also strong performers.

Japan also has a large sushi-focused market, with more than a third (36.5%) of sushi sold in Japan is sushi-based.

The RTA sushi market is dominated by Japan and the two countries account for over a quarter of the total global sushi sales.

The Asian region is dominated not only by China but also by Korea and Taiwan, which together account for almost a quarter (23%) of the sushi market in Japan.

The largest sushi market outside of Japan is in the Philippines, where the Japanese market account for about a third and the Philippines is the third largest sushi-consuming country in the Americas.

South Korea, which accounts for nearly half of the Asia-Pacific region’s sushi sales, is also the second-largest sushi market with over two-thirds (64.2%) of its sushi sales coming from the Asian region.

The Philippines is by no means the only Asian market to see a strong growth in sushi sales in recent years.

In 2016, sushi sales increased in Japan and India, while in the United States sushi sales grew by 8.3% in 2016.

In 2020, the market share for sushi in Japan was the second highest behind China.

In 2021, it increased to third place behind the US with more people eating sushi than ever before.

South Korea had the third highest share of the Asian market in 2021 with 51.3%, while Japan’s share increased to the second lowest with 6.7%.

Japan’s sushi market share was the highest in 2018 and the market was still growing in 2019, when sushi sales had been in decline.

Source: RTS sushi market by RTA, Food &

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