The ultimate homemade noodle dish with a side of spinach and avocado

You’re never going to have a perfect noodle or noodle salad but there are so many different ways to eat a bowl of noodle soup that it’s hard to find one that doesn’t taste amazing.

So when you’re craving a bowl to go with a meal you’ve had, try this simple noodle and pad Thai recipe that’s so easy to make and tastes so much better than the typical versions.

This pad thai noodle with spinach and coconut milk is sure to please any craving for a comforting meal.


Vegan Pad Thai recipe with vegan spinach and lime pickleThis Pad Thai with vegan basil and vegan pickled jalapeno is a perfect appetizer or a tasty side dish.


Homemade pad Thai noodle With vegan kale, garlic, vegan eggplant and vegan avocadoThe Pad Thai made with vegan kale and garlic is so easy and you can even add some vegan pickles if you like!


Homestyle pad Thai with crispy tofu and tofu sauceThis homemade pad Thai is so delicious, and the crispy tofu is so yummy.


Hometo noodles made with gluten free noodles with garlic and gingerThe homemade gluten free pad Thai noodles are made with just three ingredients and they are just as tasty as the original ones.


Vegan pad Thai and vegan spinach with tofu and chickenThis pad Thai made without tofu is made with tofu, vegan chicken and a vegan pickle.


Vegan vegan pad Thai With vegan spinach, kale, onion and garlicThe vegan pad thais with vegan garlic and vegan ginger is so much healthier and tastes better than most pad thays you can find.


Vegan vegetarian pad ThaiThai pad Thai or vegan vegan padthai are two very similar dishes.

The one with tofu is often made with a tofu base but this vegan pad is vegan, vegetarian and vegan.

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