When you’re hungry, you’re thirsty. That’s the message Korean noodles should be conveying to the rest of the world

Drinking too much water could lead to dehydration, a new study suggests.

The research found that when people drank more than they should, they developed hyponatremia, a condition in which the body can’t use sodium as a fuel source.

The researchers also found that people who drank too much were more likely to suffer from other health problems, including liver and kidney damage, headaches and even death.

Drinking a lot of water can have similar effects on the body’s metabolism, according to the study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

In the study, researchers from Singapore University in Singapore tested 10,000 volunteers, including 4,200 men and women aged 20-50 years, with an average weight of around 165kg.

Participants were asked to drink one glass of water a day for a week and then were asked how many glasses they would be drinking each day.

The results showed that those who drank two glasses of water per day experienced the worst symptoms.

The average person should consume between 3.4 and 5.4 glasses of fluid per day, the researchers found, with more than half drinking four or more glasses of a fluid-rich drink.

The water-heavy group also drank more alcohol and ate more red meat than the water-rich group.

The most water-intensive group of the participants drank around two glasses per day.

They consumed around five glasses of red meat per day and consumed almost twice as much alcohol per day as the water groups.

The study also found no difference in the amount of blood sugar, blood pressure, glucose or fat levels.

Drinking too many water-containing beverages could lead people to develop hyponatraemia and kidney problems, the team said.

Dr David Hwang, a professor of nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley, said it’s important to look at the nutritional value of water.

“I’m always interested in the nutritional implications of drinking and drinking water, because I think it’s one of the key things that makes us human,” he said.

People who drank more water were more prone to suffer health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and liver failure, he added.

Water-rich drinks may also contribute to obesity and diabetes.

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health found that the consumption of water-based drinks has a significant impact on body weight, waist circumference and the amount and type of fat in the body.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Americans spend more than $11 billion per year on beverages, which includes about two-thirds of all packaged beverages consumed.

The findings may not be surprising given the fact that water is also often consumed as a drink in Asia, where there are no laws restricting the consumption and consumption of bottled water.

The World Health Organization, the United Nations and other bodies have issued advisories and guidelines on the health effects of excessive water consumption.

It’s unclear what factors led to the people drinking too much, but the researchers said the findings showed that excessive drinking can lead to health problems.

But if you’re worried about hyponatoemia, Dr Hwang said the answer is to avoid drinking too many drinks.

He said it was important to get your water in check, to make sure that you don’t consume too much.

And if you do have a problem with your body’s ability to metabolise salt, he said you can always go to a doctor to have it tested.

You can read more about drinking and water here:

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