Why is Turkey still the only country in the world that doesn’t eat noodles?

The only other Asian country to have noodles is Vietnam, but there are few people in Vietnam who know how to cook or even have an oven.

And for good reason: the country is a huge country with a lot of rice and meat.

The noodle industry is largely self-sufficient, with its own restaurants, noodle factories, and processing plants.

But when the noodles were banned in 2004, most of Vietnam’s noodle farmers went underground, where they took advantage of the country’s low wages to make noodles from local raw materials, rather than rice and animal products.

So the country was hit with the most devastating drought since the 1960s, which killed off an estimated 20 million tons of rice.

Today, Vietnam’s rice production is only about 6 million tons a year.

The situation has been especially dire in the last few years, because of the rise of China, the world’s largest food importer.

In addition to the drought, Vietnam is also suffering from a high incidence of diabetes and heart disease.

“The country is suffering because we don’t have the resources to develop rice and other crops,” said a local official who declined to be identified.

But there is hope for the future.

“There are plans to open up the country in 2018, and we hope that we will be able to restart production soon,” said the official.

The new rice plan is being pushed by the World Bank, which is helping the country improve its rice production.

Vietnam is one of the few Asian countries that has pledged to increase its rice imports by at least 20 percent this year.

But the country still faces many hurdles.

For starters, rice prices are low and the government is under pressure to reduce food waste.

“Even if we import rice and food, we are still going to be at a huge loss because the government does not know what we are going to eat,” the official said.

To make up for the shortfall, Vietnam has started importing more food and meat from China.

But a major challenge is that Vietnam is only a country of about 1.4 million people, so food imports from China are not going to help Vietnam’s economy.

“We have to find ways to grow food, but we have to look for the right partners in the government and the private sector,” the local official said, referring to the government, which owns many large farms, to feed the hungry.

Another challenge is to diversify its rice exports.

About a third of Vietnam is imported rice and a third is made in other Asian countries.

Some local farmers, however, are trying to develop new products.

In September, the government announced that a noodle plant would be built in Vietnam’s western province of Ho Chi Minh City.

“This plant will be a good place for Vietnamese farmers to start their own businesses,” said Nguyen Thi Huynh, the chief of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The government has also begun selling its rice to the Chinese market, including in a new restaurant chain that will operate in China.

The deal, announced last month, will provide the government with some $40 million in cash and a 20 percent stake in the new venture.

It also gives the government a stake in a local noodle company that is trying to expand its market in Vietnam.

“Our main focus is to develop Vietnamese products and increase the number of Chinese noodle restaurants in Vietnam,” said Ho.

“At the same time, the Vietnamese government will not allow Chinese noodles to be sold in Vietnam, because we want them to go to China.”

But for now, the Chinese government is still holding onto a controlling stake in Vietnam through its state-owned Chinese Investment Corporation.

“It is not an easy situation,” said Cao Dai, the head of the Chinese Investment Corp. “But the Chinese company is committed to diversifying its business in Vietnam.”

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