New Yorker writer John J. Nugent: ‘No one ever said that we should have won’

The New Yorker’s John J, Nugent is a prolific writer, author, and activist, whose work has touched on politics, religion, and race.

The New York Times Magazine named Nugent one of its “100 most influential people in America.”

Nugent’s books include the critically acclaimed The Last Days of America and the award-winning Black Man: A Journal of American Life.

He’s also published a book about Donald Trump titled The Trump Card: The Story of the Real Donald Trump, published by Penguin Random House.

Nugents new book is titled Why We Won: How the Trump Administration Is Destroying Our Democracy and America.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Nugents son, Eric Nugent, spoke about his father’s new book, as well as the media’s response to it.

Eric Nugents article begins with a call for unity in the face of the president’s election.

He said he has a lot of respect for the President, who he called “a good guy,” but he’s also concerned about the fact that we don’t have unity in this country anymore.

He says, you know, we are in a time of great upheaval, when a lot is happening in this world and the news is so polarized.

Eric said he’s concerned that, you can’t have a unified message for the country.

He wants to see some unity and then move forward.

Eric told Breitbart News that the country is in a precarious state and we have to take the fight to it and fight to win.

I don’t know if we can achieve unity because we have so much polarization, but I think we can.

And I think that we have a lot to learn from our history, and we need to be bold.

Eric asked, why is it that the media, the establishment, and the Democrats are so quick to jump on this?

Why aren’t we focusing on the fact of Trump’s victory?

Eric said, I think the media has so many biases that they’re just going to run on, you never want to go into a situation where you’re running against someone who you feel is going to do harm to you or your family.

He added that he’s hoping the public can look past those biases and see that Trump is a good guy.

We’re just looking at what he did and what his campaign stands for and we want to take him down and get back to normalcy.

Eric explained that his father has been a writer for decades and he’s been a civil rights activist for years.

He told Breitbart that he is very frustrated with the media for their biased coverage of this election.

In fact, the New Yorker has written about Trump’s election before.

In 2009, the magazine wrote about how the administration was trying to use the law to suppress the vote, which is what led to the Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v.

Holder that legalized the use of race in voting.

But in 2015, the publisher decided to move away from the topic and instead wrote a series of essays about how to defeat Trump’s agenda.

Eric added that it’s unfortunate that the New York media has not only ignored the issue, but they are even more silent when it comes to the fact the president won.

The story that they are telling is very similar to what happened to Bill Clinton.

They are trying to cover it in a way that doesn’t hurt his legacy and he has won.

Eric also said that he and his father have not been able to communicate with one another about the election.

Eric did say that they haven’t spoken on the phone in many years.

The two also talked about the new administration’s focus on the election and how it is undermining democracy and what it will mean for Americans.

Eric noted that his dad has a long history of opposing the media and the establishment.

He called for unity and continued to push his message, which he said is to be proud of our democracy.

Eric called on people to support the President and to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

The media is trying to destroy our democracy, Eric said.

He pointed to a tweet he got from President Donald Trump that stated, ‘Donald J. Trump will be in office for 8 years.’

He continued, that tweet is a lie.

Eric mentioned that his son has been critical of the President’s agenda, but he said that people need to see that he has also been critical about the media.

He also noted that he believes that President Trump is going after his opponents with his tweet and that his critics should not try to silence him.

I think there are going to be people that say, ‘He’s just trying to hurt his critics, he doesn’t care.’

Eric continued, ‘No, we care about this country and what’s happening here.

The people of this country are not going to allow it to happen, and if the media continues to attack the President they are going get nothing.

They’re going to get their asses kicked. The only

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