A Korean restaurant is being hailed as a ‘modern’ place to eat

VETAMINI: A Korean noodle soups and noodle bars are being hailed a modern food destination in the nation’s capital.

Owner Cheol Joon-seok opened the noodle restaurant in Kanggok-dong in October and has already won the hearts of the community, which has also embraced its menu with a wide range of Korean dishes.

The new restaurant is situated on the corner of Kanggoks street, and serves up a menu that includes a variety of Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes, including the noodles soup, mecha noodles bar and even a small cafe.

A Korean noodler soup, Mecha noodly bar and small cafe in Kangggok-Dong.(Supplied: Cheol’s Food & Bar)The menu includes a range of traditional Korean dishes, such as a traditional noodle, and a selection of Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes, as well as a wide selection of traditional Thai and Vietnamese dishes, Cheol said.

“We offer the Korean and Vietnamese noodles soups with a variety to suit everyone,” he said.

The noodle is served with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Cheol said it was difficult to choose one Korean noodles dish because of the variety of options available.

“The variety is really great,” he added.

The owner of the new noodle cafe, Cheols food & bar.

The dishes on the menu are a mix of traditional and modern Korean dishes.(Suppributed: Cheols Food & Cafe)Cheol also said that the menu was very varied and the service was very good.

“People like our service because we know our customers really like us,” he told news.com-au.

“It’s a bit strange, but they like the fact that we’re here.”

In August, the owner was given the title of “modern” by a local newspaper.

Cheols restaurant was featured in The New York Times’ list of the most visited Korean restaurants in the world, and the restaurant received an award at the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Food Expo in Jakarta.

The cafe was featured on The New Yorker’s list of best new restaurants in America, and it has since become a go-to for tourists from around the world.

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