Chinese-American billionaire, Chinese investors make big push for Pot Noodle in the U.S.

By Steve LachowiczThe pot noodlier who owns a chain of pot restaurants in Northern California, and who is a supporter of Donald Trump, says he’s ready to open a Pot Noodles in the United States.

Lakshmi Narayan, who owns and operates two Pot Nooks in San Francisco, has been looking for a location for about three years.

He’s looking for an area with a lot of foodie and business types, and that area, which he describes as a “grocery store” on the north side of the Bay Area, was “a perfect spot for it.”

Narayan, a Chinese-Indian businessman and restaurateur who has raised more than $25 million from Chinese investors, has already been negotiating with a Chinese buyer.

That’s why the Pot Nook chain will be opening up in San Diego this year, he told Breitbart News.

In a video posted on Instagram, Narayan said he has already secured financing from a Chinese family and is looking for “great Chinese owners, like a real estate developer, or someone who has a business model that’s similar to mine.

And that is, you build your business and grow it and you earn money.”

He said the owners are very interested in seeing what the United State will look like, saying: “We’re really looking forward to opening our doors.”

He noted that the owners have a lot in common with the Chinese immigrants in the San Francisco area, with the one exception being that they do not have a business plan in place.

Narayan said the Chinese owner in San Jose has been trying to find a location since 2016, and he said he reached out to several Chinese investors in recent months.

He said that in November, “We got a response from them and we said, ‘Look, if you want to invest, let’s talk.'”

The company’s business model is similar to that of Narayan’s previous chain of Pot Nots, where he said the company sells dried Chinese noodles with meat and vegetables.

He has partnered with a company called “Chinese Food Market,” which is owned by a Chinese businessman named Cheng Jianhua.

He is also a member of the Chinese-owned All About Food, a restaurant chain that was started in the Bay area in 2016.

He said that while he was in the area working for his Chinese investor, Cheng Jianhuans business model was “very different than ours.”

In fact, Narayana said that his business model has a “great difference” to that.

He told Breitbart that he sells his dried Chinese-dried noodles with “chicken, pork, beef, fish and vegetables,” and that his customers are mainly college students, not people with “tough lives.”

Narayana also said that when he first started the company, he was able to “run a good business” and that the Chinese investors have a “business model that is much different than mine.”

He said his Chinese investors “have a business philosophy that is not Chinese.”

Narays Chinese-based owners are all “very proud of the product we provide,” he said, adding that the “value proposition is very different than the traditional Chinese business model.”

Narayaan said he believes that his company will “grow like a weed” because he said his customers come to the restaurant for the food, not for the pot noodles.

He also said he sees the Pot noodles as an “interesting opportunity” for Chinese people in the “U.S., because there are a lot more Chinese people here, but not here in China.”

According to Narayans company, “Pot Nooks is an authentic, traditional Chinese dish.

The noodles are all cooked in an authentic style.

The soup is made with fresh vegetables, so it’s an authentic Chinese soup, not a traditional Chinese soup.

They’re made in a way that makes them very flavorful and unique.

This is an experience that Chinese people can’t get anywhere else.”

The company is also looking to sell its product at restaurants in other states, such as California and New York, but he said that this will not be an easy task.

He added that the Pot noodles are not going to be sold in a typical grocery store, but are going to go into restaurants and eventually be sold at restaurants.

Narayayan also said, “There’s a lot [of] confusion in the Chinese market, and when people think of Chinese, they think of Cantonese or Chinese.

When you have Chinese, you think of a place like Cantonesse, and you have a Chinese restaurant, it’s a Chinese food restaurant.

We want to be authentic, we want to take the product to where it’s needed, we have a very loyal customer base.”

Naranya said he wants to bring the “authentic” Chinese experience to the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Nations.

He also said there will be “a very, very limited amount” of the

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